Mommy Brain…Mental Notes For Mommy

I have learn many things through trial and error or heck just by
simply living my life. Something may happen and I say
“Make a Mental Note of that for next time.”

The moment you have a child,
 your memory gets thrown out the window. 
Many fellow mamas call it “Mommy Brain.”
oh, I know all you first time moms out there are laughing saying “She’s Crazy!”  Oh, just you wait!  Have you ever heard of “Mommy Brain.” Well, I have it and I have it bad!!!  It’s kind of funny considering this is a post on Mental Notes for Mommy! 

 I have a million thoughts, ideas, and to do lists going through my head on any given day. Mix that in with four demanding children running around and forget about it.  If I don’t write things down, well they are going going to be gone!  Mothers are ultimate multi-taskers but sometimes we simply have to many wheels turning all at once.
I will think of something I have to do, get distracted, and then literal forget about it two seconds later.  Not to say it won’t come back to me in an hour or maybe even two days.  How about when you know you put something somewhere but CAN’T REMEMBER quite where.  There is a fuzzy little image of it in your head but the it’s location isn’t quite clear.  UGH!   It can be so frustrating!  Sometimes it can be pretty funny and actual make you laugh.   A few of my “Mommy Brain Moments” are:

1) While we were at the state fair I was searching high and low for my sunglasses. Looking all over the stroller and digging through the diaper bag.  They were absolutely no where to be found. Guess where they were?  Drum roll please…Take a look at the picture.  Can you see them right on top of my head! 

2) The boys really wanted some chocolate milk.  But when I went to get the milk out of the refrigerator it wasn’t there. ???  I swore there was milk left.  There was plenty left.  In the middle of my kitchen cleaning frenzy I placed in the lazy susan.  

3) The phone was ringing and I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Seriously, I could hear the ringtone but it was low.  I searched the whole first floor.  I realized it was coming from the kitchen but I still couldn’t find it.  I started to get closer and closer.  The weird thing was it seemed like it was coming from the refrigerator.  It was in the freezer.  I swear someone had to put it there.  No one will admit to it.  Apparently I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. 

Share Your Mental Note For Mommy Below!

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