Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall…

I can’t believe today is officially our last day of summer.  Technically the first day of fall really isn’t until September 23rd but once school starts the summer craziness is over for us.  It’s back to our regularly scheduled program.  Fantastic!  Jumping for joy!  WooHoo!  Am I just a little excited about it?  Absolutely!  Do I have a smiggen of Mommy Guilt for feeling that way?  I’d be lying if I said no!
Every year I always look forward to the summer but I’m also always ready for it to be over.  Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall…

Top 10 Reasons 
I’m Welcoming Fall With Open Arms This Year?

1) Things slow down.  
Summer is fun but boy is it busy.  NY only has a good solid 3 months, sometimes 4-5, warm weather months and it seems like everything is planned around them.  Add summer vacation to it and there is hardly any down time.     

2) Our Routine Has fallen off the bandwagon and it’s in serious need of getting back on.  
I need a regular routine and the boys do so much better themselves.

3) Thing 1 will be in first grade and in school ALL day long.  
I love him dearly, but he is a spirited little boy and does so much better with a consistent routine.  He really does need to get out of the house and I could use the break myself.  

4) Thing 2 will  be in Pre-K every morning and Thing 3 goes 2 days a week this year.   
Holy Cow!  I will only have one child with me 2 mornings a week.  I won’t know what to do with myself.  Oh no, I will.  I can actually get my errands done with only one child in tow.

5) The fighting will end…Well at least decrease
The boys do have fun together but lately the arguing and fighting has come to a head.  I’ve heard enough and a break from each other will definitely help.

6) Regular Naps and Early Bedtimes
We allowed the boys to skip naps more often this summer.  Mainly because we were out and about and it just didn’t happen.  Unfortunately when you train your little ones to nap regularly, no naps equals crankier kids.  We went back to regular naps this weekend.  In preparation for back to school bedtime was at 7:30 last night.  I swear the angels above were singing hallelujah!  Okay maybe it was me.  

7) I love fall weather.  
I do enjoy the warm weather and always look forward to it but there is something about fall.  The cooler weather comes, the leaves change, and it’s time for cozy sweaters and jeans again.

8) There are Many Great Things To Come
Looking forward to the start of many holidays to come, did I mention sweaters and jeans, college basketball starts and it’s officially NFL football season.

9) Hearty, Home Cooked Meals. 
I love fall recipes…Pulled Pork, Chili, Homemade soups, the list goes on.  Hmmm….

10) Fall Season Premieres
My dearest fall shows, oh how I have missed you!  I simply can’t wait! 

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