Back To School

First day of school pictures…let’s have’em!

I can’t believe my oldest little man is officially a first grader!  Where did the last (almost) 7 years go?  Our first day of school started off a little rocky.  CJ woke up excited for his first FULL day of school.  (Our school district is very large and still growing so kindergarten is still half day.)  When it was time to get dressed anxiety set in and he didn’t feel well.  He started crying and said “Looks like I have to stay home on my first day.”  Poor little guy didn’t understand it was just nerves and not a real stomach ache.  Thankfully, the bus stop is at our house this year.  Once everyone arrived he was fine.  Our neighbor, who is in fourth grade, was a sweetheart and brought him to his class.  The little stinker ended up knowing half of the children in his class from last year.  Phew! The first day was a success!

His biggest fan was SO happy to see him when he got home!

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