Motherhood Isn’t Always What It’s Cracked Up To Be

Do you remember fantasizing about becoming a mother?  
The angels in heaven would be singing. 
The precious little baby you would hold in your arms.
The unconditional love.  
The sound of sweet little footsteps running around the house.
You…loving every moment with your children.
Cheering your little one on as they take their first steps.
Hearing “mommy” for the first time. 
How a simple “I love you” will change your day.  
All of these things are fantastic and are the magically part of being a mother. 
But motherhood isn’t easy.  It isn’t always fabulous.  Hearing the word “Mommy” may in fact be like hearing nails on a chalkboard at some point.  Motherhood may in fact be the most difficult task of your lifetime.  
The moment you become a mother, the worrying and questioning your decisions begins.
The loss of control.
The feeling of complete chaos or disorganization.
The sleep deprivation.
The “mommy brain!”
The meltdowns.
Sibling rivalry.
Hearing mommy about one million times in 30 secs. 
The whining.
The resentment you can sometimes feel that you life changes way more than your significant other.  

Never being prepared to hear the words:
“I don’t like or even “I hate you” for the first time.
“So and so’s mom lets them do it.”
“I have the worst life ever.”
“I want a different mom/dad.”

Hearing your child has been picked or left out.
Realizing no matter what you say or do…you actually don’t have complete control over your child. 
The strain it can occasional have on your relationship.   

The list goes on…
We all struggle with being overwhelmed and burn out at some point.  We all need a break. I think so many mothers feel terrible or even a little ashamed to admit it.  I’m hear to tell all the mamas out there that you aren’t perfect and IT’S OKAY!  
Motherhood is, without a doubt, the most difficult challenge you will face in your lifetime.  It’s a lot of work and a constant learning process.  You will make mistakes, probably many. Motherhood is life changing.  But the greatest rewards life has to offer will be the result of becoming a mother.  The love between a mother and child is like no other.       
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