I am ALIVE and Doing Well…FINALLY!

Hi everyone!  It’s been a very LONG 12 days.  I greatly apologize for pretty much falling off the face of the Earth.

Let’s see, what have I been up to…

I had last minute surgery last Thursday morning.  It went well and although I’m still recovering, I am feeling pretty good.  Just sore and uncomfortable at times but that’s to be expected.

On top of that my little guy woke up very sick the same day of my surgery.
3 visits to the pediatrician within 5 days.

Day after my surgery…
Visit #1 – Horrible cough, 103 fever, stridor, and distressed breathing.  Equals…Very bad case of Croup…Say hello to steroids.
3 days later…
Visit #2 – Full Blown Ear infection…Antibiotics.
2 days later…
Visit #3 – Cough has gotten more productive.  Little guy really isn’t eating and barely has a voice/cry. He lost 3-4oz in 2 days.  The other ear is infected and little man is now wheezingto.  Nebulizer if needed. Continue other meds.

Both mommy and baby are very tired, pretty worn out, and still recovering.  We will hopefully be back to our regularly schedule program after a relaxing weekend.

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