Be Persistent & Sometimes You Can’t Plan For The Unexpected…Mental Notes For Mommy

After having our third son I had a few medical issues.  I struggled with post partum depression/anxiety for quite some time.  I came down with pneumonia.  I was also very fatigued and had very painful joints.  Bloodwork was taken and I heard nothing.  I called for the results and was told I was fine.  I was then called in for more bloodwork and found out there was a mix up with uninformed nurses.  I ended up being sent to a specialist who then diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

A year later I noticed a small lump in my neck.    I asked several different doctors about it and just about every one had a different opinion.  It could be a enlarged lymph node, a swollen gland, or one said it was nothing but my normal tissue.  Not one seemed to be concerned.  It just didn’t seem normal to me.  It was one of those things that was in the back of my mind on a regular basis.  I didn’t know what it really was and the thought that it could be something of concern was wearing on me.  After complaining about it enough to my primary doctor whom seemed to never truly remember me, she said that we could get an MRI to put my mind at ease.

The results came back as a possible enlarged lymph node and I was sent to another specialist.  The specialist ordered another MRI.  Nothing had really changed so he said let’s just watch it.  It seemed fine for awhile.  But towards the end of my last pregnancy it started bothering me.  I started to notice it more.  Life was busy and I just brushed it off.  Just this past October I really the lump had gotten larger. I could see it in pictures taken of me and it was regularly uncomfortable.

I saw the specialist and he said it needs to be removed.  It was about 2 inches by 1 inch in size and could start to effect other things.  Two weeks later I had my first official surgery.  I swear I was a mad women trying to get my house organized and cleaned in preparation.  I still have 4 kids in my home regardless of any surgery I would be facing.  The unknown can be pretty scary.  The what if’s…UGH!

The surgery did go well.  It was thankfully a benign tumor.  Phew! The recovery wasn’t as easy as I had hoped.  It certainly didn’t help that my 9 month old came down with a horrible case of CROUP the day of my surgery.  All he wanted was mommy.  Not exactly the optimal time to relax and take it easy.  Especially when my little man slept on my chest for the next several day/nights, constantly bumping into my incision, and grabbing my neck.  His lovely Croup turned into ear infection 1 and 2.  Why not throw wheezing into the mix?!  Poor little guy has been sick for four weeks.  Thank goodness my hubby took some time off and my mother and mother in law came over to help out.
Sleeping through the night is again a battle.  Poor thing is finally on the mend after almost being sick for 4 weeks.

So after all of this I have two things to share with to my fellow mamas.

Mental Notes For Mommy…

when it comes to your health and the health of your children.
Never assume a doctor always knows best.  They tend to be pretty busy.  They see so many different people sometimes you can get lost in the shuffle.  If I had not finally took the initiative and been persistent about how I was feeling,  I would still be wondering why I felt so crappy and would have a large lump in my neck.

Sometimes You Can’t Plan For The Unexpected…
I never thought I would be having surgery three, almost four weeks ago.   I tried planning ahead in preparation for home life after the surgery…Laundry…school…meals.  I didn’t think the recovery was going to take as long as it did. I didn’t think my incision would need to be partially reopened 2 weeks later.  I certainly wasn’t expecting to have a very sick baby throughout it all either.  You just never know.

Thankfully we are both now on the mend to a full recovery and doing well.  What a whirlwind of events.

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