Welcoming Our Newest Addition To The Family

We adopted…a puppy!
Jaxon Decker Laws

I would LOVE to adopt a child someday but my four children keep my pretty busy at the present time.  Jaxon is 5months old and is so darn cute. He is already getting spoiled with lots oflove! 

He is a great dane/pitbull. We adopted him from a localfamily who rescues pitbulls and pitbull mixes.  His mother neglected allthe pups and the owner wasn’t taking care of 
them at all. He had rickets due to malnutrition when he was rescued at 2 months old.  Thankfully he is doing well now and getting bigger as we speak. 

Jaxon is such a sweet loving pup.  He follows us everywhere and smothers everyone with kisses.  The second we move he is right behind us.  He is great with the boys and is so laid back.    He does get a little rambunctious and fresh at times but he IS a puppy.  When his puppy playfulness comes out he LOVES to get a hold of socks, the bingy, and shoes.  I swear his mission is to find as many of Mason’s dropped cheerios as possible.  At the moment Jaxon and Mason are a little confused with how’s toys are who’s.  

Overall he really is the calmest puppy I have ever met.  His favorite place is snuggling next to daddy on the couch at night.  Our house is officially a crazy house…but a fun house. 🙂
Tomorrow’s Post Preview…Christmas BLOG BASH begins at 12am eastern time!  
I’m giving away a few of my FAVORITE baby/toddler/kid things.  One is the HOTTEST TOY to have for your kids for Christmas.  Put away your IPads mamas… 
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