Celebrating Christmas the Modern Style Mama Way

Celebrating Christmas
It’s my favorite time of year.  
So many things and little ones to be thankful for.
The season of giving.
Such a warm and happy time of year. 
That little bit of magic comes back in all of us.
Seeing their smiling faces as they had FUN picking out just the right tree.

 Mason’s Very First Christmas Tree!

 The attempt at a picture perfect moment in front of our tree.
I tried, I really did.  But I couldn’t quite get one with all the boys and Jaxon too. 

 Happy 1st Christmas sweet little boy!

 Our official lighting of our decorated tree.
Yes, it did in fact finally get decorated.  
Just the start of decorating inside!  

And as a mother of four boys, it can be a little difficult to keep the house looking so nicely.  
So what are my secrets to keeping my house in tip top shape for the holidays?
I establish one very important rule with my kiddos the minute the first piece of Christmas decor is up.  
Do NOT touch any of the holiday decorations.  

Well, except if they are helping of course.  But once it’s up the rule applies.  Especially this Christmas holiday season, seeing we have a 10 months old crawling/cruising around and a 5 month old puppy!  
We recently came up with this chart below.  
Set & Clean Table
CJ _ Mon/Thur
Parker – Tues/Fri
Jake – Wed/Sat
Let Dog Out
CJ _ Mon/Thurs
Parker – Tues/Fri
Jake – Wed/Sat
Feed Fish & Dog
CJ _ Mon/Thurs
Parker – Tues/Fri
Jake – Wed/Sat
Clean Up toys
Make Bed
sort Laundry
Everyone Daily
We have a couple motives for the chart.  
#1… To begin (finally) teaching the boys they need to pitch in around the house.  
The more children you add to your family the more difficult it gets to keep up with the everyday chores.  I have been getting frustrated that I can clean one room and before I turn around it’s yet again a MESS!  Call me crazy but I’m starting early.  I already got,  “This is boring!”  when I asked the boys to clean up their toys before the chart was established.  Really?!  Do you think it’s my idea of fun cleaning it all up.  Ummm….NO!
#2… It helps me keep the house looking nice & neatly decorated!  Perfect timing if I do say so myself.  
How do you decorated for the holidays?  Do you have any useful tips for keeping up the house during the holiday season?   
 Happy Holidays!!!

Disclosure: I am sharing my holiday home decor and cleaning tips for the chance to win prizes from The SITS Girls and Great Cleaners.

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